GC 2017 – Battlefield 1: Revolution And Incursions? [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts and DICE had more under their wraps than the competitive game mode.

First, let’s talk about Battlefield 1: Revolution. It is the complete version of Battlefield 1, containing the base game, as well as the Premium Pass, including all four DLCs (although In The Name of the Tsar is out in September – only one of its maps, Lupkow Pass has launched at the moment). If you want the all-in-one package, you can already find it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Let’s talk about Battlefield: Incursions. Electronic Arts has promised a new, competitive game mode, and that is what Incursions will be. It enters closed alpha in September (…are they that late with it?), and it will offer 5v5, teamplay-focused experiences. You can choose from eight kits (Trench Surgeon, Control Leader, AT Assault, Battle Mechanic, Mortar Support, Raid Leader, Shock Assault, Proximity Recon), and the map will be the modified Giant’s Shadow map in the alpha. You can level up to gain access to improved weapons and abilities, and DICE + EA wants it to be a long-term experience.

In case you play Battlefield 1 a lot, you may get another reason to play it even in 2018.

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