The creators of Project Cars interested in an arcade driving [VIDEO]

Of course, for a project like that would renounce to the label Cars that have used in the two installments of the series.

Slightly Mad Studios is making a name for itself in the genre of speed and simulation, although its managers have announced that they could be interested in broadening horizons and creating some kind of video game that is also about driving but that addresses a much more arcade style.

“Yes, it’s something we’ve thought of,” said Rod Chong, CEO of the company, when asked by the North American portal Gamespot about the possibility of creating some lighter product. “That yes, if it were the case, it would not be a game of the Project Cars series.”

“The physics engine we use for Project Cars 2 is very sophisticated, of course it could be moved to other areas. We understand both cars and the culture of the car, and certainly could have other kind of games in the future,” added the executive.

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