GC 2017 – Final Fantasy XV News Roundup [VIDEO]

A lot of information came regarding Final Fantasy XV.

First off, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation VR got a release date. Square Enix announced that it will cost roughly 30 dollars worth of yen in Japan, where the fishing-hunting adventure will launch on November 21.

Final Fantasy XV is also getting a mobile port – the Pocket Edition is divided into ten episodes, and it will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. The plot and the characters will be the same, but the art style will be different. The first, free episode comes this autumn.

The August free update for the game brought a Bestiary and a Chapter Select. We also know that the PC version (which will require 170 (!!!) gigabytes of free disk space) will come in early 2018 with 8K support. The director, Hajime Tabata said on Gamescom that they are not ruling out the Nintendo Switch either. (They better not get the mobile port!) He also told Kotaku that only 30% of the players have completed his game in the first month, but since then, this figure is much lower than before.

Square Enix openly seems to be dedicated to this game to put it out on every possible platform, and the Switch might not be excluded, either. (What about the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita?)

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