Is The Xbox One Facing A Bleak Future? Or Maybe Not?

An analyst’s opinion goes against the comment of the head of Xbox.

Daniel Ahmad works at Niko Partners as an analyst, and he’s a reliable insider in the gaming industry. He wrote the following on Twitter: „As I’ve said in the past. Xbox One X is a great proposition for current core Xbox One owners. They will upgrade Day 1 to the console. The challenge is how Microsoft can sell Xbox One X after day 1. Yes, some will get it, but it’s not going to appeal to anyone else. The other challenge for MS is how they can keep the momentum going on Xbox One S, which is losing momentum fast. Nothing shown has convinced me. Microsoft is just hoping to retain its current crop of users with One X and not doing much to expand the installed base with One S. The expansion plan for Xbox is supposed to come from the Windows 10 side. They’ve got some great stuff (like PA) on W10, but not enough.”

So far, it doesn’t look like a big deal, but he takes a sharp turn: „Microsoft has also cut funding to the Xbox division. They no longer have a blank check for new projects that could potentially help. It seems the future of Xbox has already been decided. Don’t expect the status quo to change anytime soon.”

Regarding the situation, a Twitter-user asked Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox. His response what a short and simple „No.” Spencer denies ZhugeEX’s claims, otherwise he would not have responded to the rumor regarding Xbox’s possible decline.

However, Spencer said they have a few surprises… for the next few years. Perhaps the lack of funding could be the reason why we don’t see a lot of massive Xbox One X exclusives. (And it would also explain Crackdown 3’s delay to 2018 as well…)

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