BREAKING! American McGee is Finally Working on Alice 3, Called: Alice: Asylum!

The legendary game designer seeks support from fans to create Alice 3. He wants to show EA an advanced version of Alice: Asylum in order to develop this new adventure.

The great success of Kickstarter with the Out of the Woods card game has encouraged the great American McGee to work on the longed-for Alice 3, a new chapter based on this dark series of action adventure, and with the social support of the fans, he will later go to Electronic Arts to present their idea with this brand-new episode in the Alice series.

American McGee asks fans to subscribe to a special bulletin so that when there are enough users, they can come to EA with a work proposal that will include illustrations of “in principle” of the game called Alice: Asylum together with a business model and the general lines of the project.

Weeks ago, the creative already talked about the possibility of developing Alice 3, although it has always made clear that everything depends on Electronic Arts. At that time he declined to bet on collective financing. “There’s probably a future Alice game before we die,” he said, “but your requests for that to happen as quickly as possible should be sent to Electronic Arts, not to me.” Apparently, McGee has come up with a good solution to show the company the interest of this project.

You can read our retro review of the first American McGee Alice game here.

And here’s the haunting soundtrack to one of the most stylish games EVER done! (Needless to say, I am one of the biggest Alice fans ever. – BadSector)

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