Blade Runner Reveals What Happened Before 2049 in the Short “2036: Nexus Dawn” [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – With a little more than a month left for the premiere of “Blade Runner 2049“, the sequel to “Blade Runner” directed by Denis Villeneuve and setting the story 30 years after the original story (1982), many followers of the myth that has been raised what would have happened with the characters during the last three decades.

To clear the doubts, Villeneuve has presented to the fans a short film in which shows some of the events previous to “Blade Runner 2049”, in which we will return to see Harrison Ford although, this time, accompanied by Ryan Gosling. The short, “2036: Nexus Dawn,” is directed by Luke Scott and starring Jared Leto in the skin of Niander Wallace, who has continued to build replicants with the goal of achieving a “perfect” model. In the short, Wallace presents the model Nexus 9, a new type of replicant whose level of development is incredibly similar to that of the human race.

On the tape, Gosling gives life to Officer K, a new ‘blade runner’ from the Los Angeles Police Department who starts an investigation that leads him to ‘ask a lot of questions, some related to his own identity, as he was in the first part, “Ryan Gosling said in a recent interview. “My character takes the research very personally,” said the actor, and in his quest for truth, he meets Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former ‘blade runner’ who has been missing for 30 years.

If Ridley Scott’s film was already dark, the sequel promises to be even more so, as Denis Villeneuve once said, “things have been worse in these years” and the film shows “an ecosystem that has collapsed”. “We are living in a very dark world. The world in which there seems to be no hope and the film is an extension of that reality. ”

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