The Last of Us Remastered receives new improvements on PS4 Pro

The game expands resolution settings, image rate per second, and shadow quality.

The brilliant The Last of Us Remastered from PlayStation 4 has received a new update, the 1.09, that expands the options of resolution configuration, frame per second and quality of shades in the version for PS4 Pro of this video game developed by Naughty Dog.

“These new configuration options offer more flexibility to PS4 Pro players who use 4K screens,” can we read in the patch notes, “as well as those with 1080p televisions thanks to supersampling,” which is the technique that renders images at a higher resolution than the one on the screen in which they are displayed.

In addition, this patch also fixes some bugs detected in the Faction Mode of the multiplayer side of The Last of Us.

You can read our review of The Last of Us Remastered here.

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