Wolfenstein: Bethesda Will Not Change Its Stance [VIDEO]

The publisher cannot be moved from its approach whatsoever.

Bethesda tweeted the following via its official Wolfenstein Twitter account: „Make America Nazi-Free Again,” which sounds similar to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. They also used a hashtag (#NoMoreNazis) for the tweet, but some people didn’t take that kindly, to say the least

Pete Hines, the boss of Bethesda‘s marketing, told GamesIndustry in a clear way how the publisher feels: „Wolfenstein has been a decidedly anti-Nazi series since the first release more than 20 years ago [you can make that over 35 – 1981, Castle Wolfenstein – the editor]. We aren’t going to shy away from what the game is about. We don’t feel it’s a reach for us to say Nazis are bad and un-American, and we’re not worried about being on the right side of history here.

[In the game] freeing America is the first step to freeing the world. So the idea of #NoMoreNazis in America is, in fact, what the entire game (and franchise) is about. Our campaign leans into that sentiment, and it, unfortunately, happens to highlight current events in the real world.

This is what our game is about. It’s what this franchise has always been about. We aren’t afraid to embrace what BJ stands for and what Wolfenstein represents. When it comes to Nazis, you can put us down in the ‘against’ column.”

He added that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus isn’t made as a commentary on current American events – it was just coincidentally developed at the same time as they happened. The game’s out on October 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PC Gamer, GamesIndustry

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