The Evil Within 2: Great Easter Eggs, But How Does It Run? [VIDEO]

The Evil Within 2 has a few easter eggs.

One of them is for those who already completed the game. They will get the option to play through the game again in a „more cinematic experience” than before, as it will run on a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. In other words, it’d be letterboxed just as how the first game was. More easter eggs can be found – look at GameSpot’s video, but only at your own risk, as it may contain spoilers! It’s the first video below.

DigitalFoundry released an analysis video, where the team compared the PlayStation 4 version with the PlayStation 4 Pro one. Our personal experience so far is that the game seems to be a little choppy on a regular PS4 at the moment. The textures aren’t as good as they look as well, but the „cost” of the open world is hidden with screen space reflections and specular highlights. The bigger issue is the lack of PlayStation 4 Pro support. Both Sony consoles run the game on 1080p resolution with similar anti-aliasing. While the PlayStation 4 seems to drop frames during a few cutscenes, the PlayStation 4 Pro sticks to thirty frames per second at all costs with just a few very minimal drops. The third video compares the PS4 version with the X1 and PC ports.

To wrap up the article, we’d like to talk about the difficulty levels. There are four of them: casual, survival, nightmare, classic. Recap in bullet points, but before we do so: you CAN lower the difficulty during gameplay, but you CAN’T raise it! You have to choose early what your aim is!

– Casual: for those who want to experience the story. A lot of items, easy-to-kill enemies, and Bottle Break skill right from the start to get out of grabs easier than usual. Aim assist is available.

– Survival: more enemies, fewer items/resources. A slow but steady gameplay approach is recommended, as you won’t have enough ammo to kill all enemies. Aim assist is still available.

– Nightmare: roughly between the first The Evil Within’s survival and nightmare difficulty levels (but here, you can use this difficulty right from the start). Scarce ammunition, almost obligatory crafting to survive, not a lot of items, tough enemies, no aim assist available.

– Classic: you have to beat the game first to open it up, but when you choose this option, The Evil Within 2 will kick your ass! You can only save seven times with no autosaving available, and you can’t upgrade Sebastian or his weapons, either!


Source: GameSpot, PC Gamer

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