Bloodborne’s Long Lost Enemy Discovered After Almost Three Years! [VIDEO]

It took roughly three years (!) for players to find an enemy type in FromSoftware’s game.

PlayStation Experience 2014. This event was the first PSX that Sony held at the end of the year, and Hidetaka Miyazaki, Bloodborne’s director, also participated, showing a bit of gameplay, where we saw a Flaming Undead Giant, complete with the blade arm being on fire. Why is this interesting, you ask?

Well, despite the game launching a few months after the first PlayStation Experience, nobody could find this enemy type, despite the Chalice Dungeons (which are procedurally generated) giving the chance to see it with a bit of luck. Now, MorosNyx posted on Reddit, finding the long-lost character in KolbrotKommander’s dungeon.

All you need to fight the giant is the following glyph code: pa6ssc6u. Video below.

Source: Reddit, DualShockers

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