Lootboxes Getting Parodied: How About A Robot Grinding In Battlefront II? [VIDEO]

The human creativity knows no boundaries!

Meet a robot, which is called „Progression Droid with sense of Pride and Accomplishment.” It was created by Iowberg, who revealed it on Reddit. As Star Wars: Battlefront II gives you credits by just participating in matches, you can get credits while sleeping and letting the robot do the work for you. It now has two arms, as Electronic Arts patched out the automatic respawn, and the robot now has to press X. It’s a brilliant idea!

A ZDoom user, Rip and Tear (which sounds like a reference to the comic), is also making fun of loot boxes, as he created a mod for the old, classic Doom, which is called Loot Box Mod. You can find the mod here. We haven’t had a good laugh in the past few days – if Doom launched as such in 1993, we’d have thrown out the floppy!

SuperData‘s new study says that despite all our efforts burning Electronic Arts for the loot boxes and microtransactions, they still earn a ton of money, especially due to the PC gaining more and more revenue via these methods. They believe the future is in loot boxes and microtransactions.
Meanwhile, the British Gambling Commission stated that loot boxes are not gambling. At least the Belgians have a harsher stance.

Source: Reddit, ZDoom, SuperData, Gambling Commission

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