The development of WiLD “goes well”; it will take as long as you need [VIDEO]

Sony: “We do not want to advance the development of Ancel just to have another exclusive”.

Since its announcement in the already distant 2014, WiLD has captured the attention of many players, now worried after years of silence. Has your development been frozen? Is everything good in Michel Ancel‘s game? It seems that the development of the game continues normally, although it is not certain that we will see it soon, according to Mitsuo Hirakawa, producer in the European division of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“The development of WiLD is going well,” says Hirakawa in an interview with Nayshow. “We want to take our time, because the quality of the game is our top priority. We do not want to accelerate the development of Michel or his team just to add an exclusive to Sony “. When asked if Sony is willing to give unlimited time to the development of the game, the producer says “limited, but you know, even the most expert designers make mistakes. You must make mistakes to make the right choices for the game. We believe that WiLD deserves the extra time it has to make the best possible game. ”

Laughing and without committing to anything, Hirakawa says that WiLD may well be seen again in 2018, although it is clear that the work of Wild Sheep Studio is in no hurry to leave.

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