PlayStation Experience 2017 – The Last Of Us Part II: New Details [VIDEO]

Naughty Dog’s game, which was announced a year ago, was also confirmed to be part of next year’s E3.

A PlayStation Experience panel had Neil Druckmann (director), Halley Gross (co-writer), as well as Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker (voice of Ellie and Joel, respectively). Druckmann started by saying that the nobody is safe in this world, Ellie and Joel included. Gross said that after her TV work, he got a daunting task to write the sequel as she was the fan of the first one. (The fact that after her first day of work, Gross told her husband that she made someone pregnant according to Druckmann, could be debunked for a while, but we’ll just move on.)

The characters (who we have first seen in the Paris Games Week trailer) also got introduced. Lev is acted by Ian Alexander, Yara by Victoria Grace, and the unnamed person until Laura Bailey – Alexander and Grace had motion capture work done for the first time, and we also learned that Bailey did all the stunt work during her mocap recording session. Lev (16) and Yara (13) are siblings, and the latter character will have a complex background story.

Druckmann says that The Last of Us‘ sequel has a few lighthearted moments, but the plot is mostly about the sense of chasing justice, as well as the mixed grey area between black and white. (It means that what we do will not be clearly right or wrong in the game.) Naughty Dog, who will continue to work on single player games, is doing something innovative about storytelling, but Druckmann cannot talk about it until the game hits the shelves, and it might be a reason why some fans of the first game won’t like the sequel.

Most of the game is set in the Seattle area! About 50-60% of the development is complete, but the hardest part is now putting together the parts of the „big” game that was made their own by the development team. The Last of Us Part II was also confirmed to be part of E3 next year. We may hear a release date there. Or not.

Important revelation, attention, that spoil

First, we had confirmation that most of the scenario will be based in Seattle. If some Internet users had already guessed the information, it is now well and truly confirmed by the Game Director Neil Druckmann.

He also announced that this sequel would not necessarily please all fans. According to him, the scenario will remain terribly faithful to what was presented in the first opus and they will try to introduce story elements that promise to surprise. By the way, even Joel and Ellie could die since Neil said “no one was safe” when asked what about Joel’s condition.

Then, and this is where our curiosity was piqued: we can clearly assume that one of the characters is pregnant. Neil had an anecdote that one day Halley Gross had gone home and told her husband that she thought someone was pregnant. Neil left the doubt hovering without really confirming whether it was a character of the game or a simple metaphor. So we will not have confirmation before the release of the game but theories of fans have suggested that it could very possibly be Ellie.

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