The Witcher 3: It Still Expands!

This time Geralt gets equipment that stays true to the lore.

Aside from the game getting an Enhanced Edition mod, another team approaches 2015’s CD Projekt RED from another perspective. This mod focuses on The Witcher‘s writer’s, Andrzej Sapkowski’s Sezon Burz novel, to provide Geralt a lore-friendly armor and sword equipment, based on the vanilla Feline set bonus and armored stats.

Quoting Nexus Mods:„This DLC adds a brand new, lore-friendly set of gear based on the novel Sezon Burz by Andrzej Sapkowski. The armor/swords are GrandMaster level and use the vanilla Feline set bonus and armor stats. The horse gear has a marginal increase in B&W stats. It is fully compatible with NG+, and any overhaul mod such as GhostMode/W3EE will take priority over my mod.

The items are obtainable in three different ways to accommodate all users: all items are available for purchase from the Gryphon Merchant (the guy you save at the start) and the GrandMaster Armorer. They will sell the NG+ versions if you are lvl50 and lvl70 respectively. You will also obtain the armor and swords for each Manticore diagram you find during the Treasure Hunt.”

You can download the mod here.

Source: Nexus Mods

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