Death Stranding: Kojima Opens The Floodgates

Hideo Kojima revealed a lot of details about Death Stranding after the hard to understand The Game Awards trailer.

Kojima, the director of the game, talked with IGN, and he said that one of the main topics of the game is life and death – if you die, it doesn’t mean the game is over. Sam’s (Norman Reedus) awakening in an underwater world meant that he died, as the characters end up here if they bite the bullet. Sam’s unique skill is to have a first-person perspective and find items outside his body. Kojima says that this is his interpretation of a Continue screen with a countdown timer.

After coming back from death, you’ll be in a point in time after you died – the trailer showed it with the crater. Kojima says we may see more craters depending on the character. He added that the rain in the video was not from this world (which explains how a plant grows in a second and how humans age if they get in touch with a droplet) – it’s called Timefall, and apparently, Sam (who cries because „he’s sad right now”) has a unique relationship with it. The name Porter on his clothing could mean either his job or be his surname – there’s some truth of it, but some of it isn’t necessarily true, according to Kojima.

The baby (first trailer: washed ashore, second trailer: tube, third trailer: in Sam’s esophagus) is the same in all three trailers, and it is related to both the plot and the game’s mechanics. The robotic arms attached to Sam and the other characters have a name, but it wasn’t mentioned, and they seem to come alive when the baby is in possession of someone. The third video is shortly playing after Death Stranding‘s prologue, and the SAG-AFTRA strike, which recently ended, delayed the motion capture and voice-over work. Kojima added that despite looking like him doing nothing and just traveling the past year, he’s waiting for the best time to show gameplay (we believe it’s going to be E3, as the game is not far into development…).

Kojima revealed that this year, it turned out that Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine was used differently by Kojima Productions, especially in cutscenes, and it’s the reason why they ask Guerrilla’s opinion regularly. He added that a lot of AAA games need 3-5 years of development, but some could take even a decade, and it’s why he doesn’t speak a lot about Death Stranding publicly. He ended saying that the trailers, which may not make much sense now, will all come together at the end.

Death Stranding is currently in development for PlayStation 4. (And maybe PC.)

Source: IGN

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