Kingdom Come: Deliverance features a HUGE release patch!

It is a substantial update that modifies the game’s essential mechanics.

The expected role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be accompanied by a heavy load of 23 GB of the usual “patch day one,” as reported by users of different media that have managed to get an early copy. Warhorse has explained the nature of this update in the ResetERA forums.

“The reality of video game production means that a ‘release version’ must be completed before the game itself is launched,” explains Warhorse executive producer Martin Klima. “We were able to use that time to rest, or to create additional content and sell it as DLC, but we went back to the version that was going to be released, and we worked on it. The results are obvious: the missions are better balanced, the progression as a role-playing game is perfected, the game works more smoothly, and each facet of the program is more polished. ”

In another comment, Will Powers, DeepSilver public relations team, clarified that the patch volume has to do with the operation of the game engine. “The CryEngine engine takes the full game and separates the PKG and ISO files into 2GB drives. If in a patch you want to modify a text file of 1 KB of any of these files, you must upload the entire portion again. ”

Of course, this means that essentially, we are downloading almost the entire game again, although since Warhorse trust that the wait will be worthwhile and they confirm that in the digital versions, the download replaces the existing files instead of directly inflating the hard drive.

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