Is Naughty Dog Preparing For An Angle Change?

After The Last of Us Part II, the developers might take a different direction.

At DICE Summit (where Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox was also having a speech, which we discussed), Neil Druckmann, the creative director of The Last of Us Part II, also showed up to participate in the event.

He admitted that his favorite games are in a third-person perspective (examples: The Last of Us, or Gears of War), allowing him to identify better with the characters than if it was a first-person title. However, he added that there are several great narrative games in a first-person perspective.

When the development of The Last of Us started, Naughty Dog brainstormed whether it should be a first-person or a third-person game and that whether it should be a single-player or a multiplayer title. When the game started to click together, they ended up with the third-person angle but with a closer camera to make the experience more intimate.

The team is also joking about how they would handle Half-Life 3 if they developed it. The studio is „fully open” about their next game, and they aren’t sure if that title will be a third-person game. They might indeed prepare for an angle change!

However, don’t take the comments as an announcement.

Source: DualShockers

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