PlayStation Plus: Two Huge Titles for The March Line-Up! Prepare For Some Changes! [VIDEO]

Sony did put together a strong list!

The PlayStation 4-owners will receive two massive surprises – no joke, from next Tuesday, if you are a subscriber, you’ll get Bloodborne (!!!) and Ratchet and Clank! As a bonus, you’ll also get Mighty No. 9 on PS4 (it’s also available for the PlayStation 3), but we’d rather not comment on this game. (We did that in our review!)

The PlayStation 3 will also get Legend of Kay Anniversary, while the PlayStation Vita games are both cross-play with the PlayStation 4 – they are Claire: Extended Cut, and Bombing Busters.

But what is this change that we mentioned in the title? Well, Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that from March 2019, the focus will solely be on PlayStation 4 games. No more PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles will be given to the subscribers – however, if you keep them on installed, you can still access them after March 2019.

So, we have a very good slate of games here and an interesting change there.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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