You Can’t Play Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger On PS3 Anymore Despite Receiving It On PS Plus Roughly 2 Years Ago!

The game saw a change of publishers, and the PS Plus users are screwed?

Technical explanation: if you look at your list of games on PC, you will get an error message, saying that the SKUID is missing (there is no stock keeping unit, aka product assigned to the identification number), and if we look at the download list on PlayStation 3, you’ll get a 6 kilobyte activation file. The game got wiped, which means you can’t activate it. Thus, if Sony doesn’t sign a contract with Techland (we’ll explain this a bit later), you could go as far as sue Sony, as you don’t have access to a PlayStation Plus game (it was in the July 2016 list), even though you pay for the service!

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This photo has Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. To have the game fully ready to go, you need both the Timed Trial and the activation file. Both are downloaded, which means you can play at any time.

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And this photo has Call of Juarez – even the lack of thumbnail is ominous, but also notice how there’s no trial/demo in the list. We only have the code, but not the game to activate!

So what on Earth happened to Call of Juarez: Gunslinger? At the end of March, it disappeared from Steam/PlayStation Store/Xbox Games Store. Why? Techland, the developers of the series, managed to acquire the franchise’s rights from Ubisoft, and since they have a publishing arm, they could immediately relist the game on Steam with a 33% discount. However, Sony wiped it off the PlayStation Store, and the game is not accessible, screwing over the PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Thus, it’s now up to Techland and Sony to strike a deal and relist the game to allow the PS Plus subscribers to access a game that they have earned the rights to play. The story might take a few turns before it ends…

Source: Gematsu

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