God Of War Topping Other PlayStation 4 Exclusives

…and SIE Santa Monica still tries to appease players.

Sony Interactive Entertainment happily announced that in just three days (between April 20 and 22), God of War was sold in 3.1 million copies worldwide, making it the fastest selling PlayStation 4-exclusive title. By today, Kratos and Atreus should be heading towards ten million sales… it’s been two weeks!

God of War‘s PlayStation site has SIE Santa Monica saying how they plan to update the game (which frankly, just needs that Photo mode). „[We are] introducing a global increase to text size in all menus and subtitles. We’re also planning an additional controller option to remap Rage Mode,” they say.

They also plan to get rid of a glitch: „We are continuing to investigate an issue where selecting the “New Game” option from the main menu without closing down the application first may result in missing dialogue and possible progression blockers. To avoid this in the meantime, please close down the application before starting a new playthrough.” They also focus on „infrequent crashes and bugs to stabilize the experience.”

Keep it up!

Source: Sony, Sony

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