Tomb Raider couldn’t overcome the original film

MOVIE NEWS – Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander had a hard fight as Lara Croft regarding ticket sales.

The last film adaptation of Tomb Raider, released on March 16, is already broadcast only in very few cinemas around the world; time to make a more accurate assessment of how the film went in the box office. In these two months, the film has managed to raise 272.4 million dollars. Are they enough? That will have to value its producers, but at the moment it means less success than the film starring Angelina Jolie in 2001: 274.7 million.

After its first week in theaters, the production has worked better outside than in the United States, having in China its main market. Something that already happened with Warcraft in the past and is happening now with Rampage. Thus, in China, it had a collection of 78.5 million dollars, compared to 57.1 million in the USA. For those interested, Tomb Raider has raised $ 938,000 in Argentina, 140,100 in Bolivia, 1.58 million in Colombia, 4.7 million in Mexico, $ 39,350 in Paraguay, 1.64 million in Portugal, 4.37 million in Spain and 86,000. Dollars in Uruguay of the Ibero-American countries collected by the Box Office Mojo portal.

Tomb Raider, like the latest trilogy in video games, sought to adapt the story of the character’s origin to the big screen. Its launch in DVD and Blu-ray format is expected for the month of September according to the date offered in several stores.

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