The supposed Batman of WB Montreal would be a cooperative game?

The authors of Batman: Arkham Origins recruit staff for an open-world triple-A game.

It continues to be a mystery on which two titles work Rocksteady and WB Montreal, although in the case of the second the signs are increasingly clear that they will not leave the universe of DC Comics, and predictably neither to Batman, in their next project. Now, according to new information, the company based in the Canadian city would be working on a triple-a game with the online cooperative.

To understand the news, you have to follow two clues. One, official, from the Time Warner website where you can find a job offer for a triple-A development team with a very striking requirement: “GaAs knowledge will be considered an advantage – Games as a Service -.” Moreover, another on Linkedin, while on Resetera they found a curriculum that spoke of having worked on a cooperative open-world project under Unreal Engine 4. Likewise, in November WB Games Montreal already looked for developers interested in “expanding” the DC universe on “one of your most popular creative licenses. ”

The information does not stop being a sum of rumors, but the offer of employment seems to make clear the interest of the Americans to have a product closer to The Division or Destiny than to Batman: Arkham Origins, his previous work with the heroes and villains of DC Comics. Rocksteady also seeks staff with multiplayer experience, although there’s less information on the game of the parents of Batman: Arkham Knight and it is not clear whether it would be a superhero title.

Source: Resetera, Segmentnext

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