Prey Continues To Tease An Upcoming DLC

Bethesda will likely not announce something before E3 (which is what they did with RAGE 2 earlier this week).

Regarding Arkane Studios‘ 2017 game Prey, we wrote several times how it gets mysterious messages and replies. This case is no exception: we found on Twitter that Prey’s Steam version received a ton of new achievements, all consisting of a single word…

If we read them from top to bottom, we get „If you believed they put a man on the moon.” It’s obviously yet another hint at the DLC, and it makes impossible for Bethesda to not talk about Prey‘s upcoming DLC… or maybe even a possible sequel at this point.

It would be funny, though, if someone managed to unlock these achievements on Steam. We have to refer to a previous teasing message: „do we even know what’s out there?”

Source: Twitter

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