Dark Souls Remastered: A Surprise Bloodborne Location Hidden In The Game! [VIDEO]

FromSoftware might have been working quite early on Bloodborne if one of its locations were hidden as such in Dark Souls‘ re-release.

A modder recently ripped Upper Cathedral Ward from Bloodborne, which he moved over to Grand Theft Auto V. Then, Lance McDonald confirmed on Twitter that it wasn’t QLOC (Dark Souls Remastered’s developer) but FromSoftware itself that has hidden the prototype location of the PlayStation 4-exclusive. Don’t forget: Dark Souls came out roughly four years before Bloodborne. That’s not all: the PlayStation 3-exclusive Demon’s Souls‘ Boletaria (or at least a small part of it) also found its way into Dark Souls Remastered, and that was made before DS.

What could all this mean? It could be just them simply forgetting about these locations, or they might also hint that the two Sony-exclusive Souls-like games could find their way to PC. Who knows? We’re waiting for FromSoftware‘s next game, rumored to be called Shadows Die Twice (a sequel to Bloodborne) to be announced at E3

Source: WCCFTech

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