Why Wasn’t The Final Fantasy VII Remake At E3?

While Square Enix has pushed Kingdom Hearts III on maximum speed at E3, they didn’t talk a single word about Final Fantasy VII’s remake. Why?

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts III, is also involved in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, told TheVerge the following: „We are developing [Final Fantasy VII] in parallel, and it’s not just in the early concept stages. We are actually in development. So right now, it’s like I’ve been putting in 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, 100 percent into Final Fantasy VII, 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts… just going back and forth. It’s just like [working on] two titles is just going to be one [after Kingdom Hearts III’s launch]. That’s pretty much how I see it.”

To be honest, that explanation sounds somewhat strange: they could have silenced the doubters with a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which hasn’t been shown for years at this point.

The joke here is that Kingdom Hearts III was pushed back to January 29, 2019. That’s not 2018.

Source: TheVerge

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