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We recently learned that the reason behind Aliens: Colonial Marines’ awful A.I. was a simple typo. Gearbox now reacted to this.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was released in 2013 and despite the big expectations it turned out to be a very-very bad game. In basically every possible way, in terms of gameplay, art design, graphics, bugs and glitches, etc.

In the recent days it turned out thanks to a modder that the reason behind the game’s infamous A.I. was a simple typo, because someone wrote teather instead of tether. After it was fixed, the xenomoprh suddenly started to act more agressively and it was more fun to fight against them.

The game’s developer and publisher, Gearbox reacted to the situation. They are currently looking for an employee who’s sole job would be to fix typos. If you are one of those people who are really into this, give it a try and maybe later you can go to Texas where the job takes place. In the online quiestonnaire, you need to answer what is the correct spelling: tether or teather?

Source: VG247

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