Can We Finally Get A Real Speed Sequel?! Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves Spoke

MOVIE NEWS – Both actors highlighted how great the chemistry was between them during the filming of Speed.



Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves starred in the 1994 film Speed, which you can still watch on Disney+ today, for example. In it, the John Wick actor played a young police officer who had to defuse a bomb on a bus travelling at 80 kilometres per hour. The actress had to take the wheel of this vehicle to prevent the accident and gain enough time to defuse the bomb.

30 years after the release of the production, the two stars appeared on the 50 MPH podcast, where they expressed their desire to appear together in a new part of the saga!

During the more than 40-minute conversation, they recalled the stories of the shooting at that time. Also, how easy it was to film, as they both appeared on stage with great affinity.


If it’s up to the leads, there will be a Speed sequel


In these hypothetical scenarios of remaking a production of the Speed saga, both actors agree that they would do a great job on set. Elaborating on the details, the actress feels she has to film with her co-star again: “Before I die, before I leave this planet, I have to meet Keanu in front of the camera.” Reeves didn’t hesitate in this regard, agreeing that they should get back together in front of the camera before their careers end: “I really want to work with you before we close our eyes.”

Regarding this artistic relationship, both actors agree on how complex this kind of sympathy is in the film world.

“We felt an affinity for each other. The characters also felt affection for each other. I think Jack and Annie’s life is different from Sandra and Keanu’s […] but it was a lot of fun and we trusted each other,” said the veteran actor.

“People have crazy romances in movies, but you don’t feel that there’s anything between them. We looked at each other about three or four times in the movie because we had to keep dealing with the situation. And I think that’s what makes it so exciting: when you’re watching, you want the characters to come together. It’s a smart move. I had a great time with Keanu […] There was nothing he couldn’t try or say. […] This kind of trust between actors doesn’t happen often,” Sandra Bullock revealed.

Source: 50 MPH podcast

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