In 2018 more games were completed on PS Vita than ever before

Mostly small indie titles are dominant in which it’s easy to earn the trophies.

A lot of people thinks about PS Vita as a dead platform, Sony stopped developing first-party games for it for a while now and outside of Japan they won’t even make gamecards for it anymore. Despite all of this a group of dedicated users, especially the completionist players try to keep the console alive.

It looks like small indie titles with easy trophies are dominating the PS Vita landscape in its twilight years.

Based on TrueTrophies statistics, the average completion rate for games has grown significantly compared to 2012. The first big jump was in 2017, and the second followed it in 2018. On the graph below you can see these statistics based on the 50 most popular PS Vita games.

What could explain all of these is that a lot of indie games are cross-buy titles, so probably trophy-hunters replay games for more trophies after they completed the given game on PS4 and on PS3. It works for games that have a separate trophy list for different platforms. So PS Vita acts for them as a secondary console rather than a primary one.

Source: GameIndustry



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