Microtransactions Could Be The Best Funding For A Company!

The person who thinks like the title above is none other than the CEO of Epic Games, known for Fortnite, Unreal Engine, and more!

Tim Sweeney was interviewed by VentureBeat, where Epic Games‘ CEO explained why Fortnite, which got over a billion dollars of microtransactions already, is so successful:

„As far as the success of Fortnite, that’s the best type of funding a company can get microtransactions from happy customers. We’re heavily reinvesting, based on Fortnite’s profits, in the underlying game. We’re building our team, adding features, starting a lot of long-term initiatives that will bear fruit in the coming years. We’ve been investing into Fortnite esports. We have competitions, events, and opportunities to win real money. We’ve announced $100 million in prize pool money coming in the next 12 months. This is a great boon for Epic. We have an unlimited ability to invest in our technology, our games, and all the ecosystem around it.”

He also shared his thoughts about Metaverse. What is Metaverse? He explains it better than how we could:

„Well, it’s a topic we think about every day. A 3D social environment where users can get together and do interesting stuff — I think we see games pick up and more and more elements of that every day as we go along. If you look at the way people gathered together in Fortnite, socially, to watch the Rocket Launch event together, that was something I don’t think we’ve seen in gaming before. There’s a long path from where we are to achieving the Metaverse. It might take a decade. But every game developer is contributing a bit of forwarding progress. We’re just going to have to learn as we go about what works and what doesn’t work. Imagine being back in 1980 and trying to design a social network. You’d get some parts of it right, and you wouldn’t get the other parts of it. You’d probably end up with something that looks a bit like IRC or email. It’s going to take time to evolve and discover the magic that makes it work.

We’re learning a lot from the way people play the game. We’re 100 steps away from the Metaverse, but Fortnite made two or three of them. We’re getting players together from all platforms, especially, and bringing them together live for events. But there are a lot of components missing there. There’s not a persistent universe, a single world everyone can participate in. It’s a problem we’ll all be groping toward over the next decade.”

The happy customer thought isn’t bad. Other companies should learn from Epic…

Source: WCCFTech

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