Netflix’s The Witcher TV Series Will Be Filmed In Budapest, Hungary

MOVIE NEWS – Gamers and fantasy fans alike know The Witcher books and game series pretty well, the success of this franchise is indeed remarkable, especially, the success of The Witcher 3 game is in fact, beyond expectations. So it’s not a surprise, this era’s top media services provider, Netflix wants to make The Witcher TV Series, and according to the latest information from, it seems like the shooting will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Yes, you read that right it seems that Omega Underground has learned that Netflix is seemingly planning on filming their mature series The Witcher in the capital of this eastern European country, based on the fantasy novels and video games. Although, other European locales could be added.

They are also currently crewing up and gathering things and artists for the 8 episode project to shoot in Hungary for the series and casting is well underway.

Now although this news is pretty thin at the moment and no official confirmation has arrived, this should not surprise you since The Witcher game series is somewhat of a benchmark for the gaming industry and fans would be very happy to know that Netflix is considering Hungary for shooting.

Now, besides that, we have had some rumors as well regarding Henry Cavill, aka Superman would like to play Geralt in The Witcher TV Series presumed to be in the works.

However, one of the biggest concern for any fan would be the fact that if Netflix, cannot justify this Witcher project then they should not take up this project, in the first place.

The huge fanbase following of this game is well known, and they will not like to see it go down in flames. Talking about this title, a few years back there were some rumours of The Witcher 3 turning up as an HBO series. However, it died out but was something that ignited excitement among the fans.

The love for this title is so important that the devs have assured the fans that they do have plans to develop, a sequel to The Witcher 3. So you can imagine, the excitement form this news, so let us hope that Netflix justifies in making The Witcher Series.

It’s not the first time Netflix will be shooting in Budapest, Hungary. Previously we have Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules, Van Helsing, Season of The Witch and Netflix’s own Marco Polo been shot in Hungary.

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