Gwent’s single player mode becomes standalone

It looks like there’s a good reason why CD Projekt RED delayed the game mode.

Thronebreaker was originally announced in August 2017 by CD Projekt RED. It was originally supposed to be an update that would have added a single-player mode to the game and it should have been released in 2017. The mode was later delayed until 2018, and now, on a conference held to investors, CD Projekt RED announced that the game’s scope significantly changed.

The mentioned game mode has grown into a standalone experience, according to Adam Kicinski (president and CEO of the company) and based on what he said, most of the player’s actions will be centred around Gwent. However, the player will be able to make decisions that will alter the story of the card game and it will have a 30-hour-long story, which is impressive, especially for a card game.

Kicinski also revealed that Thronebreaker will release separately as a standalone title, but we don’t know when and how much will it cost.

If you are interested in what happened during CD Projekt RED’s financial meeting, you can check that in the video below.

Source: PCGamer


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