[TGS 2018] Death Stranding Has A Release Date [VIDEO]

Hideo Kojima‘s game did not skip the Tokyo Game Show.

As previously mentioned, Death Stranding had a stage event (which you can watch in full here), and Troy Baker‘s character, who seems to resemble a lot of Uncle Death from Let it Die, also got a trailer. The event also confirmed that Tommie Earl Jenkins would also be part of the ever-growing cast of the game. Every confirmed character got an artwork image, too:

The YouTube video has the Japanese, while the Twitter video has the English voice acting. You decide which one is better:

On GearNuke, several details were translated from the stage event. Kojima’s first task was finding office and engine. Now, he is working from morning to evening on the game and supervises everything. It took him a year to get Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen for Death Stranding. He decides the cast based on their acting skills, the amount of trust in them, and, „most importantly, their personality.” Kojima said the following about the game’s release date: „The release date for Death Stranding hasn’t changed… yet. Please wait a bit more for it. Thanks.”

Multiple Metal Gear Solid voice actors will make a return in Death Stranding‘s Japanese version – for example, Ocelot’s voice will be Golden Troy Baker’s character, Golden Skull’s voice, creating a bit of continuity in the „local version” of the game.

The trailer has Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) carry a female character, who, according to Twitter users, is going to be Stephanie Joosten, as her clothing has the Dutch flag, and the actress is also from The Netherlands.

Death Stranding, the PlayStation 4-exclusive, has a release date, but we don’t know it yet. Maybe we’ll learn it at this year’s PlayStation Experience.

Source: Gematsu, GearNuke, Jeuxvideo-Live

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