H1Z1 Gets Rebranded Again!

Daybreak Game Company, who previously was suspected of being connected to Russian oligarchs, should stop with rebranding. They gave a ridiculously strange name for the game now…

H1Z1: King of the Kill was previously renamed to H1Z1 (while the other „half,” Just Survive, was left to die), and now it’s going to have a new name on PC. It’s going to be called Z1: Battle Royale with a „re-formed development team.” (What kind of logic is this: keep the name on console, but change it on PC?)

The Steam announcement includes other finetuning for weapons, but the matchmaking is also getting an overhaul – the maximum waiting time will be 135 seconds. If two or more people are waiting for a match to start, then it will get underway. There’s still a respectable, 7-8 thousand player base for the game, but despite it, you can’t select your spawn point in solo/duos/fives – the developers promise that there will still be „decent loot.” Each match will be ranked, and you’ll fight against similarly levelled players. The time of the day is set to mid-afternoon, which means the weather will be 90% sunny, making players easier to spot than before.

Still, it feels like the whole rebranding is nothing more than a last-ditch effort for the game…

Source: PCGamer

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