Melissa Hutchison says goodbye to Telltale Games

The voice behind Clementine suspects that there is no future for The Walking Dead.

In the context of the recently announced closure of the developer Telltale Games, Melissa Hutchison, actress who lent her voice to the character of Clementine in the saga The Walking Dead , published a letter on Twitter where she confessed her bewilderment, lamented the situation, highlighted the work of the company over the years and thanked the samples of affection received, on behalf of its characters.

As an additional detail, Hutchison reinforced the suspicions about a premature ending for the last season of The Walking Dead, whose second episode would be the last. It should be noted that US Gamer reports support the hypothesis of an abrupt outcome for the saga that won the GOTY (Game of the Year) Telltale Games in 2012.

“Yesterday was one of the hardest days ever,” Hutchison explained, referring to September 21. “They broke many hearts, including mine,” she continued. “As most of you, unfortunately, I do not know the details of how we got to this, and I also do not know the fate of the final TWD season. As far as I know, they will release Episode 2 and up there. It hurts me that you, the fans, will not be able to see Clementine’s adventure until the end. ”

Hutchison regretted that his colleagues can not see the fruit of their effort and that projects like The Wolf Among Us 2 – delayed to 2019 – are incomplete, but stressed that Telltale Games will always be the best narrative company. “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, thank you all, I love you.”

Although she also has cartoons and anime in her portfolio, the American actress Melissa Hutchison built her career based on more than 35 video game projects and her most prominent role was Clementine, which earned her an award for best female performance in 2013, as well as a couple of BAFTA nominations. Telltale Games will continue to operate on a very small scale to finalize its commitments.

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