Is Warner’s Montreal Studio Working On Two DC Universe Games?

The team who made Batman: Arkham Origins five years ago has had several rumours over the past years (which we mostly discussed as well), but what if they are working on two games simultaneously?

Osama Dorias, Warner Bros. Montreal‘s senior game designer, showed up in the newest Humans of Gaming podcast, where he may have said a bit more than he should have done so: „The project I just recently left, because there are a couple of projects at [WB Games Montreal], the only thing I can say about is it’s a major console game, open world, DC Universe — so that’s really awesome. But I can’t say anything else. It’s too early; it’s not announced yet. But it’s kickass.” So the Canadian team might be doing two games at the same time…

Dorias also hinted at that he’s not really supporting many DC Universe characters, but one of them was involved in his previous project: „I have to confess, I’m mostly a Marvel fan, but there are a few franchises from DC that have been exceptions. […] The franchise that I was working on, is one of those DC franchises that I loved. It was one of my reasons for joining Warner Bros.”

The ResetEra users looked into Dorias’ social media profiles, and they mostly found Batman and Superman. We might figure out that one of the WB Montreal games could be a Batman title (which is likely), but Superman was also rumoured to be a game in development…

This significant silence around WB Montreal might be because their game(s) being a multi-generation title (or titles), meaning the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles could get their work in 2019 or 2020…

Source: WCCFTech

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