Control Will „Get To The Point” Faster Than Quantum Break!

Remedy Entertainment will not have some small boss fights either.

The Official PlayStation Magazine interviewed Thomas Puha, the communications director of Remedy, and WCCFTech has quoted some parts of it, allowing us to learn that Control will „get up to speed” faster than their previous game, Quantum Break: „We had a lot of back-and-forth on Quantum Break’s beginning, which was very slow-paced, and had a lot of setting up. Which was very deliberate. This gets to the point a lot faster.”

Puha also considers the boss fights as crazy: „We’re going to go very crazy with actual bosses. When we built the demo, I was like okay, the take away for people will be like “That’s a boss fight.” It is, and it’s not. They will be a lot bigger-scale and epic than what you saw there. That was kind of to give you sort of a taste.”

He also talked about Jesse’s telekinetic abilities. The devs’ goal is to make them feel just as good as gunfights: „We wanted to challenge ourselves – let’s make the abilities impactful, and getting the abilities to feel good. Like Launch, where you grab objects and throw them – you have to get the physicality right. How does it work when I look at objects, do you have to kind of point at what you pick? – which kind of goes against this being an action-driven game. A lot of work has gone into that. You kind of look around and you see the object that you kind of feel you want, but we should be able to predict that too – and then you grab it, and then you get to throw it, and that has to feel right when it impacts the possessed Bureau troops or the Bureau agents you’re going to fight against, that has to feel really good. People like shooting guns in games, so we want to challenge ourselves so that the abilities would give you that same sort of a powerful feeling. We’re still working on it for sure.”

Control will launch next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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