Fortnite Streamer Beats Wife On Stream! [VIDEO]

During an Australian Fortnite stream MrDeadMoth was caught hitting his wife.

Violence within a family isn’t tolerated, especially if it’s caught on Twitch. (That’s just outright stupid as it backfires, 100%.) MrDeadMoth’s wife enters the room asking to end the game, but he replied several times, saying he „will be out soon.” He ends up leaving the chair with the camera shaking, and then, a punch is heard clearly off screen with a baby and a child crying (here, the wife says „You f*cking woman basher! Don’t hit me in the face! You hit me in the face! Don’t you dare touch my face!”), then screams are heard with the man saying „leave me alone, don’t touch my sh_t and f_ck off.” Then, we hear more violent sounds and screams, again, off the camera. At the end of the video, we probably hear the wife crying.

The New South Wales Police reports that the 26-year-old streamer was arrested in his home (he was released on bail since), confirming that a 20-month and a 3-year-old child was on the location, too. The 21-year-old victim says she’s not seriously injured but does feel shaken by the situation.

The saddest part is this tweet, proving that Luke, the streamer, previously was arrested for violence and harassment… and disappearing from Twitch or Twitter won’t help him at all!

Source: Techly

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  1. Please tell me this a** hole got arrested and she left him and take the kids with her, this make me angry, you respect the person your with.

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