Is The Witcher 3 Getting A Nintendo Switch Port?

A prominent French retailer has listed CD Projekt RED‘s 2015 game on the current Nintendo platform…

The Witcher-trilogy’s final instalment’s Switch version has surfaced on WTT, which got our attention because this site is one of the major retailer and distributor of video games in France. This subject quickly showed up on ResetEra, as well as DirectFeed Games’ Twitter – the latter site considers this appearance as a rumour and not something to-be-official.

On ResetEra, the discussion is about whether the Nintendo Switch can run CD Projekt RED‘s game or not, but since DOOM and Wolfenstein II had an excellent port to the big N’s platform without much sacrifice, we’ll have to wait and see.

There’s no announcement yet. If there will be a Switch port, we hope that it will be better than ARK: Survival Evolved’s port. (DigitalFoundry has created a harsh but fair review of it. Laugh at it!)

Source: WCCFTech

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