Netflix: Fans will worship Henry Cavill in The Witcher

MOVIE NEWS – Tomasz Bagiński, the producer of the series claims to feel “satisfied” with the choice of the actor.

The election of Henry Cavill as the protagonist of The Witcher in the ambitious television series prepared by Netflix generated a great debate among fans of the literary work of Andrzej Sapkowski and the excellent video games of CD Projekt, but the producer of the series has ensured that the fans will be delighted with this new television incarnation of Geralt de Rivia.

“Of course, I am satisfied”, said Tomasz Bagiński on Onet when speaking about the election process of Henry Cavill. “The spectators will love it, and you will see it on screen,” continues the producer of this television series based on the The Witcher saga. What else can you tell about its interpretation? “My lips are sealed,” he added jokingly, not without first remembering that “Henry Cavill is a big and strong guy, so I will not mess with him” according to the translation of the interview on Reddit.

When questioned about the controversial casting, the producer emphasizes that he understands that “the fans have their own imagination”, they all have in mind what the characters in the books should look like, “but all those who act in the series do so after having overcome a tough casting process. ” Although he understands that there is “a lot of passion” on the part of the fans, who have “their own vision of The Witcher, Baginski can only say that” all the casting choices for the series are deliberate. The actors have not been chosen by accident. ”

With a premiere planned for just opened in 2019, Netflix seems so happy with The Witcher that the platform would have given the green light to the production of new seasons.

Source: Onet, Reddit

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