We finally know, what Alien: Blackout is!

Not everyone will be happy…

During the last months, there has been a lot of talk about the new Alien game, generating great expectations among fans. The project? It’s official. Alien: Blackout is a mobile horror adventure that will put us in the shoes of Amanda Ripley where we must make decisions to save the crew. With its, we must guide the steps of a team of survivors in a Weiland-Yutani space station that, of course, has been invaded by a dangerous xenomorph creature.

The video game, which has already released its official website, is being developed by the authors of Marvel Puzzle Quest, D3 Go!, and the team behind Thief of Thieves, Rival Games. Alien: Blackout proposes us to survive seven scenarios taking advantage of the emergency systems of a damaged space station, which will allow us to guide the steps of the survivors.

The decisions we make will have consequences in the course of events in this game of strategy and management that will give us access to holographic maps, tracking systems and surveillance cameras to control the movements of the survivors and the monster that pursues them. From Fox say it is a “first-class experience” with a powerful staging and a story that will have different conclusions.

It has not been specified yet when this new video game from the Alien series will be available.

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