Are Death Stranding’s First Two Hours Complete?

The game is mysterious but is in development…

Aki Saito, who recently started working at Kojima Productions as their communications/marketing manager, published an exciting tweet: „Showed the first 2 hours of gameplay to our Guerrilla brothers. Yes, Hideo was demonstrating it! (The game is not fully completed… yet) The picture show’s the friendship between us! Keeps our mutual secrets here!”

Guerrilla Games was left speechless after seeing Death Stranding! Hideo Kojima‘s next game will use their engine (Decima), and the Dutch team was surprised by what he has done with it. Kojima has recently visited Amsterdam to show off Death Stranding to Guerrilla Games. The private demo was commented by two developers on Twitter. Hermen Hulst, the co-founder and managing director of Guerrilla, has written the following: „Three years ago we gave Kojima Productions a copy of our Decima Engine in this box. Today, Hideo Kojima came back to Guerrilla to show us the incredible things he’s making with it in Death Stranding. So impressed!”

Mathijs De Jonge, the director of Horizon Zero Dawn (who’s possibly working on a sequel at the moment, possibly for the next-gen PlayStation), has also responded to Hurst, but he wasn’t saying much: „Very impressive what we saw today, left me speechless…”

With this demo, another team has seen Death Stranding in action. However, this tweet might be a good point to consider when Death Stranding might launch, especially if it’s going to be a shorter game like the first four Metal Gear Solid titles. (The first one was especially short.) However, Troy Baker‘s tweet shouldn’t be skipped here. A few days ago, Twitter users started a fad comparing their 2009 photo with a 2019 one. Baker has joined the party but in an unusual way. The voice actor of many characters in games has put Snow from Final Fantasy XIII as his 2009 photo, and the golden mask guy from Death Stranding as the 2019 one with a short comment: „#2009vs2019 …?”, which means that Hideo Kojima‘s secretive PlayStation 4 might launch this year.

2019 was already brought up as a possible launch year for Death Stranding, but we’ll see… eventually.

Source: WCCFTech,DualShockers, Jeuxvideo-Live

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