Tens Of Millions Of Email Addresses And Passwords Got On The Internet!

TECH NEWS – You should check the list, as you might be affected…

Troy Hunt, a security researcher, wrote the following on his blog: „Last week, multiple people reached out and directed me to a large collection of files on the popular cloud service, MEGA (the data has since been removed from the service). The collection totalled over 12,000 separate files and more than 87GB of data. One of my contacts pointed me to a popular hacking forum where the data was being socialized.”

He went through over 2.7 billion rows of email addresses and passwords, but Hunt reformatted the data to have a smaller, yet still unbelievable amount of 773 million email addresses and over 21 million unique passwords. It’s the result of multiple data breaches, and while there is some outdated information on the list, it’s still frightening.

If you go to „Have I Been Pwned?”, Hunt’s website, you can check your email address (or addresses) are affected, and if you are „pwned,” you can see the sites/services where there is a potential danger. On the password website, you can type in your passwords (which are not stored!) to see if they come up as a result or not.

Hunt uses 1Password as a password management application, but LastPass is also a good option. As a last resort, you could always write down your passwords in a notebook.

Source: PCGamer

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