Overkill’s The Walking Dead delays its launch in consoles

The Starbreeze video game was scheduled to premiere in February.

The release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead on PC has not been as good and successful as the Starbreeze Studios team expected, and now a new bad news is added for this cooperative action videogame set in the universe The Walking Dead: its launch in consoles is delayed .

So far it was expected that the new Payday 2 authors would be available for sale on Xbox One and PS4 next February, but Starbreeze Studios has decided to postpone its release to a date yet to be determined. “Later we will offer more information related to its launch,” they report from the company, which weeks ago confirmed the resignation of its CEO.

In our review of Overkill’s The Walking Dead we already warned that with time and new content, the game could “become that great adventure of action and survival that the fans of the series expected”. And the truth is that weeks after its release, started the second season of Overkill’s The Walking Dead with new missions and content to explore.

Given this scenario since Starbreeze warned that they would turn their efforts in the development and publication of video games, abandoning their ambitious plans for virtual reality.

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