Death Stranding: „The Fans Are Not Ready!”

Another known person has played with Hideo Kojima‘s next game. We do hear more and more positive comments about Death Stranding, but the story has a slight twist here.

The newest person from the industry that got to play Death Stranding was none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Kong: Skull Island, who is also working on the Metal Gear Solid-film as a director. He wrote the following on Twitter:

„So Hideo Kojima let me play Death Stranding! ️The world is next-level immaculate. It’s like freebasing pure Kojima & Shinkawa. Remember when FURY ROAD blew you away but also made you (in the best-most-thankful way) ask “wtf” how does this miracle exist? YOU. ARE. NOT. READY!”

So far, it sounds quite promising, and Kojima meanwhile does a sneak around-the-world trip with the PlayStation 4-exclusive game that has no release date yet (but it should arrive this year). Kojima wants us to experience the game ourselves. What’s the twist, though? Well… Vogt-Roberts is working on a Metal Gear Solid-film, using Konami’s IP. Kojima was previously working at Konami, creating Metal Gear…

However, we have to ask: what kind of marketing campaign will Sony create for the game?

Source: DualShockers

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