Respawn would like to bring Apex Legends to Nintendo Switch

The game is available, for now, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The popularity of Apex Legends, the most watched game on Twitch since its premiere, does not stop growing and there are many who wonder if the battle royale will reach Nintendo Switch. From Respawn Entertainment they have answered this question by saying that, although he would like to adapt, they have nothing to share at the moment. That is, from the American team do not rule out such a possibility.

The answer has been offered by Drew McCoy, producer of the video game, in a recent interview with the British portal Eurogamer. Yesterday, we also informed that EA does not rule out the launch of Apex Legends on mobile devices. Given the success of other proposals of the genre, as is the case of Fortnite, it is not surprising that the possibility of taking Apex Legends to more platforms is already being considered.

Of course, for now, the free to play a video game is only available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, where Respawn seeks to implement the cross game.

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