„Apex Legends Makes My Son Transgender!”

A parent claims exactly that regarding Respawn‘s recently released, free-to-play battle royale game that became extremely popular.

On Reddit, a topic has an image that shows a one-star Xbox review. Quoting it, „My son has been playing Apex Legends recently; there is only one problem: he keeps using the female characters. I think this game is turning my son transsexual. I am not the only one that thinks this; everyone in my Facebook group is having the same problem in this game and others.” The reactions are hilarious: „Females have smaller hitboxes.”, „That’s because all the female characters are good.”, „I can relate. I play Pathfinder and I’m turning into a Transformer.”

On Twitter, the comments are supporting… Respawn, not the worried parent: „I think the artwork is one of the reasons Apex Legends hit off so well (it’s a small but important one) A female ninja wearing a badass outfit rather than a swimsuit, a black dude with a heavy shield and a mysterious person with a crow. […]”, „Bangalore is becoming my favourite female fictional character ever!”, „Apex Legends currently has more female playable characters than male characters. That’s gotta be a first-person shooter first.”, a few tweets say.

Apex Legends is extremely successful. In a week, it gained 25 million players, and since its launch, if we look at 24 hours of viewership, it already surpassed Fortnite Gamoloco, a site that gathers viewing data from major streaming sites, has revealed that with its Twitch Rivals event, Apex Legends has pulled off the biggest game launch on Twitch. In 24 hours, 8.4 million viewed hours is an extremely respectable result. Aside from fourth place, Apex Legends also has 13th and 15th on the chart.

And it could go higher – South China Morning Post reports that Tencent, one of the major tech companies of China, is already in talks with Electronic Arts to bring Apex Legends to China in an official manner. They already got Fortnite (Epic Games) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Bluehole/PUBG Corp.) to launch in the country before…

Source: Gamebyte, WCCFTech, Gamesindustry

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