The Outer Worlds Will Offer A Linear Story!

Tim Cain (who helped to create Fallout in the past with his partner, Leonard Boyarsky), one of the directors of The Outer Worlds, talked with GameInformer, revealing more details about the game’s storytelling approach.

„Our story structures look like footballs, where there are all these points that everybody will pass through. [When you get the power regulator for your ship] — did you work with people? Did you buy it? There’s more than one of them out there, so which one did you take? How did you handle the people who were using it? We try to arrange our story by thinking about the points all players are going to pass through, but then we try to remember what the context was so that things change to reflect the choice you made. […] We don’t demand that those dramatic points play out in any specific way,” Cain said. We’ll be able to kill major characters in the story, too, which could affect the ending as well.

There will be no ordinary morale system either! „It’s not ‘Here’s a good choice, here’s the bad one.’ Instead, it’s like, ‘You could this or this. This will cause X, this will cause Y. You decide what you care about.’ What if the more evil choice has an obviously better outcome? What if more people are saved by the evil choice? But it’s evil! But the result is better! Is it a worse choice? I don’t know if you can solve morality with arithmetic, but there are some things in the game where you’re like, ‘I am not sure if this is bad,’” Cain added. He believes several hybrid playstyles will be possible in The Outer Worlds, and even a pacifist run might be executable with a talker/stealth approach.

The Outer Worlds will launch this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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