F1 2019: More Twists Coming With This Year’s Instalment! [VIDEO]

This year, we won’t have to wait a lot for the 2019 video game adaptation of Formula 1.

F1 2017 and 2018 weren’t bad, but they both had issues, which is why we take 2019’s announcement with doubts. At least the teaser video has something that we haven’t seen in the previous games… it seems to us that there is a Formula 2 (F2) car at the end of the video, which means we might not be able to immediately start our career in F1, but a category „below” it – it could work.

Also, Codemasters is working together with the series’ regulators/bosses (Ross Brawn – he played an essential role in the Schumacher-era; Pat Symonds – he also showed up at several major teams) to design a car for the multiplayer of F1 2019 that suits the current regulations. (Which will then be dumped in 2021, which previously happened in 2014, and, to an extent, in 2017, too…) Also, you can make a custom livery for this unique car. How cute, but what about those who play offline? (Or will Codemasters pull the same move as they did with DiRT Rally 2.0: no offline career mode, requiring an Internet connection?)

F1 2019, which has been in development for two years, will get „several new features” as well, and it won’t launch at the end of August like in the last two years. Instead, it will be available from the Friday of the Austrian Grand Prix weekend, on June 28, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. (PC users will likely get Denuvo as well, as is the case since 2016, even though our personal experiences show the game runs much better without it…)

Source: WCCFTech

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