Days Gone for Nintendo Switch! Link can be the main character in New Game + mode!

Sony and Nintendo teamed up to bring the game on Nintendo’s hybrid console!

What was unconceivable a few days ago, became reality, as one of the most awaited title: Days Gone will be also out on Nintendo Switch! The news was announced at a press conference by Shawn Layden, Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios on this day of April 1th held by Sony Japan in Tokyo.

“We are very happy to bring on of the most iconic game of PlayStation to the Nintendo Switch. This will be also a token of friendship between the two Japanese companies!”

The game will be fully ported to Switch and when you played through, you will have the option of taking Link as the main character of the game using his iconic motorcycle, similar to Deacon St. John’s one!

There is also a special Nintendo Switch planned with the logo of Days Gone painted on its back! In the Special Edition called: “Days Gone: Link’s Back” the game the Nintendo Switch Edition of Days Gone will be bundled and sold together!

Sound sweet right? Well, happy April’s fool, guys!

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