Sony Doesn’t Allow Cross-Platform In Destiny 2!

There are things that don’t seem to change. One such thing is cross-platform in a not-so-new but still widely known game.

On Reddit , there’s a post that says the following: „[I] was just listening to the latest Kotaku Splitscreen podcast episode. Right around the 57-minute mark, Jason Schreier mentions that Bungie wanted to enable character transfers between PC, Xbox [One], and Sony [PlayStation 4]. He then stated Sony wouldn’t allow it. So yeah, go f___ yourself Sony!”

Of course, Sony could have had second thoughts since then – after all, Destiny 2 came out in 2017, so it’s not a brand new game anymore… -, but it’s likely that the Japanese company doesn’t want to change this approach on that game anymore, and they don’t seem keen on expanding their cross-play, cross-platform ideas at the moment.

It’s questionable if Destiny 3, which is rumoured to be for the hardcore players with a 2020 release window on the next-gen consoles (we wrote about it before) could throw this limitation away, or will we still see the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation players away from each other?

If the answer is yes, then some players might have enough of Sony‘s approach, and go for Microsoft’s machine on the next generation instead of Sony’s product. Still, you can find the currently newest – and mentioned – Kotaku Splitscreen episode here.

Source: Reddit

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